An Orientation to princeHerman’s Utopia

princeHerman’s inter-disciplinary fine art theorey and studio practice training included visual, literary, and performance arts.

His alma mater was renown for ceramics design and engineering. As such, there was extensive debate on the distinctions between fine art and craft. princeHerman became attached to analogy of craft to skills sets that an artist carries around and pulls out depending on which set will most help the artist convey an intention. 

princeHerman’s mission is to create objects and experiences of interest. The various mediums in which he works all have this goal; Is It Interesting

princeHerman wants to make something for you look at the commissions page then send him a message

princeHerman is an Artist

Visual Portfolio Directory

princeHerman standing in front of large stained glass piece
princeHerman with Threeway Blowjob with two interchangeable boy parts at the Seattle Erotic Art Festival


He makes many things and has training to create many others. And what he can’t do can always be subcontracted to those with appropriate training and facilities. His limitations derive from time and money, but never creativity or sloth.



princeHerman is an Actor

Stage and Screen Credits


princeHerman is an Eccentric


love - detail
love – detail


How to distinguish between cray cray and eccentric ? Is it merely a socioeconomic class distinction?  Does a distinction involve a consistency of predictability and logic? Perhaps the ephemeral gestalt of personality makes any such distinction entirely subjective. Peruse his musings, activities, and creations to make your own decision. Support to continue these endeavors will be considered and appreciated.

Visitor Guidelines 


Get used to meandering in random thoughts and visions and inspirations, move about slowly, metaphorically and literally with your mouse to see what pops up.

Best Intentions of Mutual Respect

Everything contained within is intended with wholesome intentions, but unintentional slips may occur, in which case we humbly beg your forgiveness

A perpetual work in progress

much like princeHerman himself, this website will continue to fill out evolve and refine and it happens at the best pace that can be managed

One thought on “An Orientation to princeHerman’s Utopia

  1. Hi PH, It’s PJ Poesy here. How are you? I found you listed in my contacts on my iPhone and discovered this website. This phone is old and your website does not look as if it translates well to a mobile app. I will check more of it later. I am happy to find it though.

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