Reception and Show

Opening Tomorrow – My first solo show in a gallery space in San Francisco

Stained Glass Pornography by princeHerman through November at Magnet SF

Opening Recepetion Friday November 2nd, 8-10pm

Magnet, 4122 18th st at Castro, San Francisco

Stained Glass Pornography by princeHerman thru November

About this collection:
In the course of his art endeavors documenting the human experience princeHerman has created a few sexually oriented paintings with a consistent theme that love is inclusive, not exclusive. Most of his other work mostly focused on artistic development of materials rather than subject matter. That body of work moved away from traditional ways of working materials. In 2009 princeHerman was requested to create a series of Stained

 Glass which highlighted his craftsmanship in time honored techniques. The challenge was elevating the craft back to its roots as fine art. He chose to do this by imposing subject matter not usually seen in Stained Glass, explicit sexual content. The pieces don’t just alude to sex through eroticism; they show sexual activity. Because it is explicitly sexual he calls this collection Stained Glass Pornography, which also presents the challenge of elevating pornography to fine art. The show provokes thought about medium, subject matter, and context.About princeHerman:
The pinceHerman story: artist, actor, eccentric.

The artist princeHerman of San Francisco has been creating experiences and objects of interest for 43 years. He was born into the faded glory of an industrialist family. In 1991 princeHerman graduated as a university scholar from Alfred University in the bucolic hills of western New York with a liberal degree in fine arts. After graduating princeHerman’s work has been available exclusively by commission through referral, through well heeled Interior designers and private society events. That is until the global economic crash of 2009 prompted him to expose himself with public exhibitions.

princeHerman’s work has been in numerous shows and galleries includingIlluminations at the Desotorow in Savannah, San Francisco City Hall supervisor’s office, Folsom St Fair, The Seattle Erotic Art Festival, Tom of Finland weekend, The Seyhoun Gallery of LA and a solo immersive art experience at the Magowan Mirror Maze… to name a few.

His critically acclaimed feature film debut was made with the 2011 release of “Baby Jane?” he will appear in a reprisal of his role in the upcoming “Hush up Sweet Charlotte.”

princeHerman’s favored materials are copper, glass, stone, plaster and precious metal leaf, pioneering new techniques along the way.

Magnet: 4122 18th Street San Francisco, CA 94114,
Magnet is a place where gay men connect. In addition to our clinical services, Magnet is also an art gallery, lounge and internet café. We are a place where people can engage and participate or just hang out. A program of the San Francisco AIDS Foundation, we’re unique in our approach to total health – we promote the physical, mental and social well-being of gay men.

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