Copper and Glass the M&A Banner – Kandinsky inspired panels in progress

princeHerman is surprised every time by the length of time required to assemble one of these panels.

The process is still being refined. A comparison to the first study in this technique shows the marked improvement in craftsmanship that has been evolving for the past eighteen years or so. (not pictured here)

princeHerman’s math skills were put to the test. His calculation were intricate, and wasted. During installation it was decided to remove one panel.

All together princeHerman is very pleased with the finished construction. He loves the structural integrity. He loves the way the piece continues to live and visually develop. He loves the way a brush stroke of color (glass) applied to a canvas (copper) challenges visual positive/negative relationships. He still thinks about way these pieces are copper foil method stained glass deconstructed, while also envisioning how he can take the technique even further. ok…next project…

If you’d like to read the progress comments on each slide, they may be viewed on Flickr

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