5 Popular Self-Help Tips That Actually Hurt Your Career from Cracked.com (and your art production)

5 Popular Self-Help Tips That Actually Hurt Your Career | Cracked.com.

really princeHerman is posting this for himself, perhaps most digital media posts are really for oneself, but anyway. He read this article about a week ago and has been thinking about it ever since. the title is about hurting one’s career, but its more than that. (and we can’t figure out is cracked.com journalism or satire like ‘the onion’. Regardless we can find truths in both.

Now if you’re one of princeHerman’s friends, then you’re probably smarter than the average populace and the first point of the article has probably been your experience on more than one occasion.

The next several points of the article are really one point with subtle nuances. That point is, shut up talking about it and just do it all ready. princeHerman isn’t saying stop reflecting and assessing one’s goals and path, but the element of truth is that everyone princeHerman has ever met has had ideas. Many of those ideas are brilliant but they don’t go anywhere.  princeHerman has a pet peeve about people claiming to be artists that never produce anything, experience or object. This pet peeve motivates pH to do things and make things. Maybe they’d be better if he could remember his thoughts and keep thinking, or perhaps nothing would get done.

But we digress, the point of this is to add value and learn how to do better. So princeHerman is working on a project that is collaborative and he has been reaching out to other artists and talking about it. He’s gotten amazing feedback on the concept. And then nothing has happened. Admitedly there have been many distractions, but that’s no excuse for nothing to have happened in the interim, beyond of course the cocktail chatter of , “oh yes I’m working on this project. you should get involved.” The things that needed to happen and are entirely feasible haven’t happened. dang. This freakin’ article is right. Too much talk, too much visualizing. So the candle has been relit, because princeHerman knows that that positive feedback on an idea pales in comparison to than the sense of actual  accomplishment.  (it is extreme to say nothing has happened as pieces have been made, and further networking has occured and plans have been reviewed, but relatively nothing has happened.)

Upcoming post: the chapel project brief

One last thing, my dear lackadaisical followers. Don’t take any advice, theirs, mine, a scientist, a guru’s, or the pope’s to devoutly. As any of those spiritual teaches will teach, We need to keep doing three things, however you want to call them: praying (visualizing our desires), meditating (listening to the rhythms of the universe/creation/creator), and interacting/communing/networking (as part of a physical/mortal existence).  I would add two more necessities: have fun, be careful.

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