princeHerman asking the Universe for Guidance

He’s feeling a bit crazed. He’s been trying to meditate, but clarity isn’t coming.

From his earliest memories he has been drawn to the discipline of Architecture. It was a socially acceptable way of being both artist, academic, and professional. He followed an unconsidered assumption and applied to architecture schools following  high school. But then the unconsidered became considered, and pH could not repress becoming an artist. The well considered life has caught up with him and architecture has drawn him back into its clutches.

For those that applied to higher education, you’ll remember two kinds of envelope. The thin envelope was bad news. The thick envelope was a portent of options. Yesterday pH received a BIG envelope accepting him to a Master of Architecture program to begin in the fall.

He just completed his Certificate in Web Development. He has an aptitude for digital machinations; almost straight A’s. He is actively searching employment utilizing these new skills. He has designed a few websites, one of which was to be completed by the end of last year. It isn’t complete, but he continues work on it. So what was he thinking when he applied for more education? What he needs is a nice reliable income that will support his life in SF and the creation of Art.

In October and November he received three commissions. One is installed, one is on the table and glass is being cut. And the third will happen when it happens. He had that solo show in November. He is hoping to participate in the Seattle Erotic Art Festival again this year. All this reminds him of the first question he was asked when presenting his portfolio for review to the director of the arch program, why as a successful artist would you pursue this education? The commissions keep coming, at least one a year, sometimes more, since graduating from undergrad. But a day job is still necessary. Gallery sales on the other hand have not really happened. He has been accepted to every show to which he has submitted and he now has three solo shows under his belt, so clearly his work is reasonably well liked. Further, the list of work to do without renumeration stretches years into the future. He gets his price, usually more than requested for commissions, but very few takers on preexisting pieces.

The question returns to balancing the needs of existing in this expensive reality against the needs of artistic pursuit.  He’s got work to do, but it won’t pay the bills. So he needs to get a job. He can’t afford three more years of private professional schooling that leads to a career that still won’t pay the bills, but princeHerman keeps pursuing that life dream. He’s giddy with the thrill of acceptance mixed with the panic of how to make this happen.

Many years ago, princeHerman was sitting at a table at Casa La Vista in Puerta Vallarta with five of his dearest friends. Two of these friends pursued advertising careers. One pursued real estate. One became a hair stylist, and the consort Llama went into Interior Design. And of course pH emerged as an artist. But everyone at the table started with a desire to pursue architecture, but given the challenges of pursuing it pushed everyone to their eventual careers. Now pH feels he’s doing this for everyone there at that table.

Oh Universe, if this pursuit is meant to happen, how will you manifest it through me.

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