The Real God: An Epiphany and princeHerman’s spiritual beliefs

via The Real God: An Epiphany – YouTube.

Fascinating presentation, but there’s a nuance, sectarianism, not addressed probably because it would obfuscate the convinvincing [Ed: does anyone else stutter when they type?] argument.

What does this have to do with princeHerman creating objects and experiences of interest? Well, that question kind of answers itself, but if you make it to the end, pH hopes you will recognize how this essay works towards a certain goal.

And back to sectarianism:  

It indicates that people believe differently. Believe differently on a fundamental level, not merely the shared facts believed that something occurred at such and such a time. This distinction between a method of believing compared to shared set of beliefs, between the verbs of believing and nouns of belief is similar to the difference between a person who chooses their belief system and someone born into a belief system. The pattern of the way neurons fire in the brain produces recognition. Patterns and relationships define the universe.

Lots of patterns:

energy patterns and movement(astrology), patterns of atomic particles, patterns of planets, patterns of behavior and patterns of language, patterns of attraction and pleasure(when harmony occurs in intersecting patterns), patterns of antimony(when discordance or opposition occurs in intersecting patterns).

Entropy stands in contrast to patterns. Entropy correlates to disbelief or the failure to recognize patterns in the universe: the neurons don’t fire coherently.

Beliefs: patterns that princeHerman recognizes

  • princeHerman believes in god
  • princeHerman believes  god is the universe in all its plurality and singularity.
  • princeHerman believes god’s mission is to know itself, good and bad
  • princeHerman believes in tradition (several traditions really, including jewish, art, whole lotta science, some american, radical faerie and a smattering of worldly, animistic traditions) 
  • princeHerman believes in evolution
  • princeHerman believes you are god, the sanctity of the individual
  • princeHerman believes we are god, the strength of diversity
  • We are god in the aspiration of knowing the diversity of experience

Quantum Mechanics and wave theories

provide a theoretical framework to understand patterns. Free choice is really patterns of choices influencing patterns of choices. Serendipity is an illusion. We are all surfers trying to pick the best wave for a ride. Inspiration is not origination. Psychic ability is the recognition of how patterns will unfold. Memory is an echo of experience with the same patterns of  neurons firing but diminished but recognizable. 

acid painting on shaped and fringed copper
acid painting on shaped and fringed copper

Energy is never lost, but transformed through the interaction of patterns eventually dissipated to the appearance of dark matter. Energy is imperialist demonstrating the expansive nature of the universe. Entropy occurs when energy patterns are added to existing patterns producing seemingly incoherent amplified unrecognized patterns, i.e.. heat added to water.

The above youtube presentation sets up a dialectic of rejection versus embracing [word? acceptance?] with something like tolerance as the resolution. Dialectics are great tools for understanding, but inherently don’t provide a nuanced picture. By example, princeHerman thinks of the difference between prayer, talking to god, and meditation, listening. And the intersection is a conversation.

Thinking about choices and patterns, belief (the noun) tries pinpoint discreet points of interaction,  believe(the verb) is embracing the recognition of discreet patterns. 

Lastly,  tolerance versus judgement (the derogatory kind)

The Dalai Llama (not the consort Llama) has said he meditates on compassion. princeHerman feels compassion emerges at this intersection of judgement and tolerance. 

Believe v Belief

difficult to articulate, so here is a clip with Reza Aslan from the Daily Show that addresses the dichotomy for princeHerman:

  1. Zealot Prt I,
  2. Zealot Prt II
  3. Zealot prt III

So those three clips set  up the argument that beliefs (noun) asert with certainty that things occur have occurred thusly (fundamentalism), and not the same as believing systemic truths which involves the intuitive recognition of patterns and genuine spirituality. A difference of  belief recognizes truth in the details of one story as more valid than of another story (collection of memories). Believing (verb) differently, depending on one’s perspective, looks like out-of-the-box thinking, really its using different patterns to reach understanding one’s context in the universe. [the articulation of this idea still needs some refinement]


To end on a lighter note princeHerman wants you to know that if you believe differently, with an open genuine loving heart he says, “y’all can go fuck yerself. princeHerman doesn’t care.”   can: your choice, if you want.  fuck: a hopefully  pleasurable experience. yerself: doesn’t affect anyone else. doesn’t care: live and let live or defined by metaphor – reverend billy, back in the old times would say, “even at our worst, we are all always doing the best we can.”

[this article will form the tenets of belief for princeHerman’s chapel of perpetual indulgence]

*pattern recognition: the ideas in the preceding were nested like the structure of tags in html

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