A travel log for the last few months of 2014

Its been a while since princeHerman has posted to this site. This was a draft never published that covered the last three months of 2014. It was supposed to get fleshed out, but never did as the hectic life continued. Looking back at it, maybe it can just stand on its own. So here goes…

Truck in accident, totaled, replaced with the Hearse.black pseudo hearse

Heard about Roger’s (princeHerman’s husband, the consort Llama) mom’s strokes, not an emergency, but a reason to visit sooner than later.

Went to Utah, visited with Barbara and Claire etc

Visited with Steph.a couple with a fake scary baby

Went to Moab

Had great visit with the consort Llama’s mother, the duchess of Moab. Went hiking and drinking with her.

Went to Cedar City with her. The trip was challenging as princeHerman had health issues.

Went to Vegas

Went to Death Valley, Scotty’s Castlescotty's castle in Death valley

Went to Monument Cascades in Sierra. Almost back to San Francisco when the consort Llama’s mother had her aorta aneurysm. She was gone that afternoon.

Turned around and went through Nevada to St George via Vegas

Went to Moab, funeralheadstone in a cemetery

Went to Salt Lake Saw Steph

Came back via Nevada City, saw piano player

Came back to Dan, then Billy and crew in Camellia House

Went into Filming Hush Up Sweet Charlotte, with Mink Stole etc.IMG_4898 movie poster for Hush Up Sweet Charlotte

princeHerman’s Mother arrived, thanksgiving, pink party,

Victorian Alliance obligations

Xmas parties

Berkeley city club, antiques, early american furniture, party

Winter storm

New Year’s Eve at the Russian River

And the saga continues…

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